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Images Quotes about Empathy Circles.

"I LIKE how good it felt to be heard, and to hear others."

Evan Magor

"I LIKE how being selected to listen and mirror back what was said creates true hearing of another, and how feeling so heard creates the safety to share even more of one's feelings and perspectives."

Lewis Brown Griggs

"I appreciate your honesty, and I think that something that is important in this process is for people to be honest and not pretend like we don't have disagreements or we are seeing things differently. It's important that we say so and I think, this container, of the Empathy Circle is strong enough to hold people really disagreeing with each other."

Lou Zweier

"I want to say thank you, I found this to be extremely productive, inclusive and wonderful. I really really enjoyed this and want to be part of as many of these as I can." Art Burns

"I was just so happy with how smooth and comfortable it felt. It is not like those usual conversations where there is so much anger and emotion. We were actually able to talk about these issues and I just wish this could happen more in some of those smaller arenas where people are trying to have those conversations with maybe their family or friends. I wish this could be replicated more out in the country.

Sam Kifer

"This rocks!! I really enjoyed this, it was like “Ok, I’m not going to be attacked. They are actually listening. I’m not going to be afraid to bring up topics because that is what we are here for, is to talk about these hot topic buttons and to get responses.”

Kristie M Gordon

"I did deploy to Afghanistan and Africa in the military and I have witnessed the power of empathy to literally stop war in its tracks. What we are doing is effective and I want to iterate that from a military standpoint. This is no BS, this really works and I really believe in it. " Tyler Morris

"Empathy circles can cut through polarized positions like a hot knife through butter. "

Martin Golder