2018-12-01: RACISM-SEXISM*

Topic: Woman discuss thoughts, feelings, concerns about the role of racism and sexism in politics and policies?


Empathy Circle: Woman discuss racism and sexism in politics and policies?

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Sam Kifer I was just so happy with how smooth and comfortable it felt. It is not like those usual conversations where there is so much anger and emotion. We were actually able to talk about these issues and I just wish this could happen more in some of those smaller arenas where people are trying to have those conversations with maybe their family or friends. I wish this could be replicated more out in the country.

“It is not like those usual conversations where there is so much anger and emotion. “

I felt impressed with how much agreement there really is. And about how this discussion naturally brought out what we did have in common and what we did agree on and makes it easier to figure out how do we move forward with these difficult issues. I appreciate that about this too.

Kristie M Gordon

This rocks!! I really enjoyed this, it was like “Ok, I’m not going to be attacked. They are actually listening. I’m not going to be afraid to bring up topics because that is what we are here for, is to talk about these hot topic buttons and to get responses.”

it was like “Ok, I’m not going to be attacked

They are actually listening.”

Because this is my first experience, I’m getting a better picture that the Liberals view on things, is individual. Liberals are more individual and conservatives are more group oriented. So it is helping me, and the more and more I do this, it’s helping me to get a balanced view of things. So I am really excited about this, and I agree with Sam, that this needs to be duplicated all over the world.

Alissa Stover

I’m so grateful that you both joined today. So I could have the opportunity to listen in and I am so impressed. I have heard of other circles and I don’t think they always go this smoothly. You guys did an awesome job. That was great, so nice, exactly how you want it to go. It’s though, it was already 2 hours long and I really wanted to hear more. There is just so much packed into this and we could have talked about so many other things. It’s super engaging. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to spend 2 hours of my Saturday doing this. Every time I do an Empathy Circle I wonder if I want to spend the time, but then I really being into it.

That thing that we are not so different. That we all have our own experiences and own opinions but at the end of the day just hearing so much from everybody how much we want to really solve problems by coming to consensus is really good. Even though at the end of the day you do have to make decisions about and people are not going to be happy. It seems that when you both feel heard and you both get to talk about how you feel, you are willing to make uncomfortable decisions. It seems like to goes better than shutting people down.

“ It seems like it to goes better than shutting people down. “

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Extra Comments

It went very well! There were only 2 people but they opted to include Jessica & I in the circle so there was plenty of input. Both of them really enjoyed it and said they wished there were more empathy circles out there.

One thing I was thinking moving forward is whether calling these political “L-R” circles is the best language. It seems like that reinforces this notion that there are truly 2 polar sides to the discussion. One thing we all felt yesterday was that we had a lot more in common than one would believe based on media portrayals. Maybe we could use a name that acknowledges the diversity within all political parties. Maybe “Humans of Modern Politics” or something like that.