2022-12-17 CoPeSe

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A series of Empathy Cafes for individuals, bridge-building leaders, and peacemaking organizations seeking to heal a divided world through the power of mutual listening, mediation, empathy and dialogue.

Join us is an Empathy Café to dialogue about, 'What is the role of Empathy in Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security?' We will divide into small groups of 4 to 6 and use the Empathy Circle process for the dialogue process.

With Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Bridging, Empathy, and Peacebuilding Community

Wonderful group of people practicing empathy in various contexts; gained insights on how I can be more effective in different situations.

The sharing had great emotional depth. A number of us had emotions "triggered" due to the depth of the emotions discussed on a personal level by some of the members.

It was quite wonderful


  1. Build Community: Meet and network with fellow CoPeSe members.

  2. Mutual Support: Connect with others in the field for mutual support.

  3. Networking: Build Relationships with others in the field. A place for Mediators and Conflict Resolution Experts to network

  4. Learning and Practising: Learn the Empathy Circle dialogue process. Take it home to share with family, friends, school, work, your community, etc.

  5. Deepen Listening and Empathy Skills, for conflict mediation and peace building.

  6. Explore Relevant Topics: Explore the topic together and come up with new insights.

  7. Information Exchange: Share and retrieve the newest info on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


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      1. Clearlake USA

      2. Islamabad Pakistan

      3. Senigallia Italy

      4. Chapel Hill NC USA

      5. Kendall, Washington, USA

      6. Semarang, Indonesia

      7. Oakland, USA

      8. Wichita, Kansas

      9. Springfield, OR, USA

      10. Sunnyvale, CA

      11. Syracuse, NE, USA

      12. St. Paul, MN, USA

      13. Richmond, VA, USA

      14. Abuja, Nigeria

      15. Kolkata, India

      16. Kobuleti, Georgia

      17. Addis ababa, Ethiopia

      18. Copenhagen, Denmark

      19. Baltimore U.S.A.

      20. Ashland, OR USA

      21. Sri Lanka

      22. Hamden ,NewHaven

      23. Port Townsend USA

      24. Warsaw, Poland

Why are you interested in taking part in this Empathy Café?

  1. Yes

  2. see other form

  3. Mental health subject is super close to my heart. Empathy cafe is quite interesting topic and eager to learn new and practical approach that will contribute in peacebuilding and reduce interpersonal conflict.

  4. I'd like to discuss about it

  5. the topic

  6. Learning, last time i signed up but couldnt attend, hopefully this one can

  7. https://www.empathyset.com/

  8. I believe in the concepts. I work with leaders and teams in conflict. Empathy for self and others is the transformative way through conflict. I also am trained in restorative practices and facilitate listening circles and repairing harm circles. I teach compassionate ways of communication.

  9. I work a lot with dialogue, and am always interested in seeing & participating in various dialogue methods

  10. To continue to learn and grow

  11. To connect with other colleagues/professionals interested in this work; learn the process; process problems I am working on through this process

  12. new learning

  13. Yes I am

  14. It looks relevant to one of the pet projects I am developing these days

  15. Peace building was one of my role at a government office.

  16. eBecause I have a large print in brokering dialogue and policy soulutions in the areas of animal law and disability law. I also want to organize a summit on impact of conflict on health.

  17. I enjoy the process and the people who participate in it.

  18. Having worked as a peacebuilder in Sri Lanka for the last 15 years, I have been seeking for spaces to share challenges and learn from practioners.

  19. Learn more about mental health support journey

  20. want to witness other people being truly heard; hope to be heard and understood

  21. I would like to spread it to friends and might facilitate in Swedish to make it easier for people to join( If enough Swedes turn up)

  22. it is strongly related to my work experience and field of study

What Topics would you be interested in for future Empathy Cafes for the Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding community?

  1. involvement of children in peacebuilding process, conflict resolution, psychosocial support

  2. Practical Tools that support empathic communication

  3. Will give it more thought. I have many tools and topics, especially restorative leadership and fair process in leadership.

  4. How can we expand our view of "the other"?

  5. How to focus on internal peace

  6. Intergenerational Collaboration

  7. N/A

  8. Conflict prevention and resolution.

  9. Family

  10. Self-Care for women peacebuilders especially when experienced with sexual harassment from male peacebuilders

  11. How to build cultural sensitivity between global North and South as early career peacebuilders including questioning your own privilege

  12. How to have a collective care group including women support group beyond competition for self development or funding.

  13. Self love , being present, never is too late (start over life again ,chronic fatigue),trauma release

  14. concept that the last word spoken wins as the truth

  15. Climate change and how to find ways and means to engage for a future for all

  16. building up the values peace and ethics among the youth community in my locality

Do You Have Any Comments or Questions?

Feedback Form

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Share any feedback about your experience in todays Empathy Café?

  1. Wonderful group of people practicing empathy in various contexts; gained insights on how I can be more effective in different situations.

  2. The sharing had great emotional depth. A number of us had emotions "triggered" due to the depth of the emotions discussed on a personal level by some of the members.

  3. It was quite wonderful

Do You Have Any Comments or Questions?

  1. No. Registered for facilitator training and looking forward to it.

  2. At this point I intend to join on a monthly schedule and participate, bringing my own experiences to the meeting and helping to understand and enhance the experiences of the others, all of us growing in understanding with more depth what empathy is and how to use it for good.

What topics would you suggest for future CoPeSe Empathy Cafes?

  1. What can one person do to help advance world peace?

  2. Offer specific topics for breakout rooms. Ex: dialogues on HOW TO reduce gun violence

  3. The understanding that while many experiences of each is different, many are relatable on similar levels and can be understood through analogy and "empathy", helping to learn how to heal and help others heal and open up with a level of trust and vulnerability that is not typical in our daily lives with our "best friends" and the like.

Will you attend another Empathy Café? 3 yes

(A1) If Yes, what is the reason you will attend again?

  1. To continue to gain skills and practice in the art of connecting deeply with others.

  2. good approach to resolving conflict; practice listening skill building

  3. I see great inner value for myself in learning how to cope with my own pain, and how to speak with others about their pain, offering a level of comfort and support which again, is not typical with those we have daily contact with, from family to friends, even to counselors possibly.