2020-07-21 Training

Tuesday 21, 10am – Training Orientation Empathy Café.

Edwin to host. This prepares people for the training.

An open orientation call. Everyone welcome to drop in.The topic is why do you want to be a facilitator and any questions you have.

2020-07-21 Empathy Cafe Introduction to the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training This is an introduction to how to sign up for the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training. Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Sign Up https://www.facebook.com/events/2743543205880012/ Learn to facilitate an Empathy Circle. Join this event if you would like to take part in the training. This is a 4 session training, 2 hours per session. Bear with us as we design and set up this training process and workflow. We are forming multiple cohorts of 4 to 12 participants. There is limited space in each cohort, and all participants must check with trainers to be accepted into the training. The basics of facilitating an Empathy Circle are fairly easy, however, it is a life long learning to deepen the skills and build a more empathic way of being and culture. Empathy Circle http://EmpathyCircle.com 1. What is an Empathy Circle? http://bit.ly/EC-WhatIs 2. Why Participate? http://bit.ly/EC-Benefits 3. How to Empathy Circle? http://bit.ly/EC-How 4. Empathy Circle Facilitator Training http://bit.ly/EC-Facilitate