Sample Empathy Circles

Viewing these can be helpful in understanding how the Empathy Circle process works.

#1. Empathy Circle: PRO LIFE-CHOICE
This was an Empathy Circle with participants from the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the divide over abortion. The first 14 minutes was the Introduction and how to take part. After that, the Empathy Circle begins.

Empathy Circle: Pro Life, Pro Choice, Pro Empathy
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#2. Empathy Circle: How Might We Design Empathy Trainings?
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An Empathy Circle with empathy activists, experts, book authors, etc. exploring different aspects of empathy.

#3. Empathy Circle: XR Vision
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Some co-founders of the Extinction Rebellion environmental movement talk about their vision for the direction of the movement.

#4. Empathy Circle: COVID-19 and Mutual Support
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Participants talk about how to foster mutual support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Having an opportunity to talk about personal experiences, concerns, anxieties and fears can be very supportive.