2019-04-27 Congress

Congresswoman Barbara Lee & Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Agree to take part in an Empathy Circle with Republican Congressional Representatives.

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I’m thrilled since I went to this Town Hall in Berkeley Saturday, May 27, 2019. ‘Representatives Mark DeSaulnier and Barbara Lee Host "A Conversation on Race."

They discussed the topic of race with their panel of experts. They then opened the floor to written questions. The very last question was mine! My Question: Would the two representatives be willing to take part in an Empathy Circle on racism with republican representatives?

They both said they would be willing to take part in an empathy circle with republican representatives? This was recorded so we have a publically made agreement to take part!

I talked to the some of the DeSaulnier and Lee staff saying I wanted to start working to line up that empathy circle with them. I gave them my card and got theirs. Just sent them a follow up email to get the ball rolling.

Bridging Personal, Social and Political Divides with Empathy Circles


An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process. The process supports meaningful and constructive dialogue. It increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction.

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