Empathy Activists Circle 5
How Might We Build the Empathy Movement?

We are holding a series of Empathy Circles with empathy activists on the Topic: How Might We Build the Empathy Movement? By Activists we mean people committed to working on practicing, researching, teaching and promoting the value of empathy.

Benefit for Activists

  • 1. start talking about this topic of building a movement.

  • 2. connect with each other

  • 3. generate ideas to work on

  • 4. build more of an empathic community and movement.

  • 5. viewers learn the Empathy Circle practice by watching it.

If you are an Empathy Activist, contact EdwinRutsch@gmail.com to take part in one of these dialogues. Join us in building the movement.

* Project Website: https://EmpathyMovement.info/activists-circles

* How to Empathy Circle? http://bit.ly/EC-How


(x) Edwin Rutsch

(x) Ashok Bhattacharya

(x) Shelton Davis

(x) Douglas Noll



I found our conversation and connection deeply profound and catalyzing. It felt like something just started within me, within us, speaking towards the greater empathy movement. Thank you for your time, nerdy intelligence, stories, and energy.

I will certainly be in touch in order to learn more about how I can help you all AND how I can bring your perspectives into my ecosystem.

Thank you, Edwin, for bringing us together.

With energy,