2019-06-21 XR 1

Meeting 1:

An initial planning for holding Empathy Cafes/Circles with the Extinction Rebellion (XR) community.

Topic: How might we incorporate Empathy Circles, (Empathy Cafes, Active Listening) practice in the XR community?

Work Group to bring Empathy Circle Practice to Extinction Rebellion

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Various groups talk about how to bring the Empathy Circle practice into the Extinction Rebellion movement.

* Extinction Rebellion Future Democracy Hub

  • - Sam Weller, UK

    • * Indra Adnan UK.

    • * Paul Thistlethwaite UK.

* Empathy Tent Team

  • - Karolina Kubia Poland

  • - Edwin Rutsch USA

  • - Lou Zwier USA

  • - William Filler USA

* XR Non Violence Training group.

  • - Ceri Buck UK

  • - April Griefsong UK

  • - Toni Baum UK

  • - Roz


1. Introductions

2. Empathy Circle Practice (2 circles)

3. Empathy Circle Practice Experience Feedback

4. Brainstorm ideas for incorporating Empathy Circle

Join the Extinction Rebellion Empathy Circles Work Group. LINK TBD


Empathy Circle - Extinction Rebellion Work Group Forming


Proposal Put together Empathy Circle training material for the XR Network Hub. Hold a series of Empathy Cafes, initially online with people interested in XR. An Empathy Cafe is any number of people coming together and then dividing into smaller Empathy Circles of 4 people to take part in mutual empathic listening dialogue. Empathy Circles are based on mutual empathic (active) listening. These circles are perhaps the most effective gateway to learn and practice active listening. This skill and mindset is a foundation of many other practices. For a moment like XR, it would be very beneficial for all participants to be able to do empathic listening and facilitate Empathy Circles.