2019-07-06 G. Warming

Topic: What are your thoughts and feelings about global warming?

And what are you going to do about it? https://www.facebook.com/events/559824844423568/

time : http://j.mp/31D6iup

Empathy Circle on Climate Change - 2019-07-06 Feedback

Empathy Cafe: Bridging Political Divides with Empathy Circles

Free: Everyone is invited, open to all.


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Topic: To Be Determined Current Events

Location: Zoom Meeting Room URL: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

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An Empathy Circle is a very effective structured dialogue process. The process increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction. You can review the following material to see what to expect and become more familiar with the process.


1. What is an Empathy Circle? http://bit.ly/EC-WhatIs

2. Why Participate? http://bit.ly/EC-Benefits

3. How to Empathy Circle? http://bit.ly/EC-How

4. Empathy Circle Facilitator Training http://bit.ly/EC-Facilitate

5. Watch

  1. Sample Empathy Circle

  2. See past Empathy Circles

  3. Introduction to an Empathy Cafe (pending)

6. Questions: Feel free to email EdwinRutsch@gmail.com with questions or post them to our Facebook group. Introduction to an Empathy Circle (pending)


Video Title

(VIEW: Video on YouTube and on Facebook


Video Title

(VIEW: Video on YouTube and on Facebook