How might we bridge the growing social and political divisions?
Take part in a political left-right empathy circle.
Dialogue across the political divides.

Empathy Tent: bridging social & political divides 
An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process. The basic process can be fairly easy to learned in about 10 minutes.  It increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction.  Join us in an online empathy circle.

Zoom Video Conferencing

For the recorded calls we use Zoom video conferencing.  Zoom is a very easy to use video conferencing program. We give participants a link to click on.  You click on the link to enter the Zoom video conferencing room. The first time you use Zoom you may need to install a small app. You can test zoom here.


1. Review: How To Empathy Circle?
Written instructions on how to take part in an empathy circle.

2. See a Sample Empathy Circle

View: On YouTube  or On Facebook 

YouTube Video

Political Left-Right Empathy Circle Dialogue Participants.
We organize and schedule empathy circles in this group. 

4. Let us Know Days/Times of the Week You are Available
What days of the week and times are you generally available to take part in an empathy circle.