Facilitator Training

"An empathic way of being can be learned from empathic persons. Perhaps the most important statement of all is that the ability to be accurately empathic is something which can be developed by training."   ― Carl Rogers

We will shortly be launching a Empathy Circle Facilitator Training.

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We are setting up a 4 week Empathy Circle Facilitator Training for Bridging Political and Social Divides. Sessions are two hours each. Learn how to host, produce and facilitate Empathy Circles to bridge the social and political divides.
The final date and time have not yet been set.
This is a place holder for people interested in taking part to sign up and show their interest. We will find times that work for the most people interested in being participants.

Meetings:  Four Sessions, 2 hours each 
Date/Times: To Be Determined.
Location: Online Zoom Video Conferencing.

Module 1  
Session 1:  Empathy CirclesWhat, Why, and How
Session 2The SpeakerRole, Tips, and Experiences Related to Speaking
Session 3: The ListenerRole, Tips, and Experiences Related to Listening and Reflecting Back
Session 4:  The Facilitator: Role, Tips, and Experiences Related to Facilitating

Steps to Become an Empathy Circle Facilitator.


2. Take Part in Empathy Circles as a Participant
See the Schedule.
Show your Interest in taking part and for updates.

4. Add Your Availability for the Week for Meetings.
See and fill out Scheduling page.
Indicate the days and time of the week you have available.

5. Join the Next Empathy Circle Facilitator Team.
A team is 6 to 7 participants. 

6. Practice Facilitating Empathy Circles.

7. Take Module 2:  Going Deeper Empathy Circle Facilitator Training