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Training Development

Creating Empathy Circle Trainings Development Team
We need to form a specific team to work on this.

  1. Edwin
  2. Lou
  3. Marta
  4. Karolina
  5. Bill

Karolina and Marta's Outline.
The Empathy Circle Facilitation Training involves 
  • Session 1 - Experiencing an Empathy Circle
  • Session 2 - Going over Empathy Circle Facilitation
  • Session 3 - Having a go at Empathy Circle Facilitation
  • Session 4 - Reviewing your experience and initiating a Facilitator Support Group

YouTube Video

Session 2 - Going over Empathy Circle Facilitation

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Bills Outline: Empathy Circle Onboarding / Facilitator Training

Edwin Comments
  • Remember to Frame Trainings in the Intention of:  Building a Culture of Empathy
  • What is our shared principles of the trainings?
    • Experiential:  A focus on the experience of actually doing an Empathy Circle. Learning by doing.
    • Didactic:  Learning a baseline knowledge and seek to improve upon and convey this information. 
    • Community: Learn together with others as a mutually supportive team. Teams stay together to support each other
    • Holacracy:  Using a Holacracy self organizing system to keep facilitators network with each other in a larger supportive network