6. SCHEDULE 2020*

Empathy Circle Events 2020

In 2020 we started working with Extinction Rebellion and here are the Empathy Circles we have held with that group. 

Here are upcoming Empathy Cafes. Let the XR Empathy Circle Work Group know if you would like to learn about or host some Empathy Circles with your groups. We are here to support you. EdwinRutsch@gmail.com

March 3, 17, 24, 31 (Tuesday): Empatyczne słuchanie i mówienie - trening
Polish Empathy Cafe

April 1 (Wednesday): Empathy Cafe: Designing mutual support responses to COVID 19
We will be scheduling more dates on this topic
We will use the Empathy Circle process to come together online and dialogue about how we might support each other. We are in this together and it will help to share our experiences, thoughts, feelings and insights about this rapidly moving pandemic.

April 8 (Wednesday): Empathy Cafe: How to spread the Empathy Circe practice in XR?
In this Empathy Cafe, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and take tangible steps to spread the Empathy Circle process widely throughout the Extinction Rebellion movement. We will dialogue and take tangible steps. At the core, we want to support people in learning and deepening their active listening (aka, empathic listening, reflective listening, deep listening) skills. We want every person to be able to take part in an empathy circle, facilitate an empathy circle and an Empathy Cafe.

March 27, April 3, 10,17, etc (Fridays): Empathy Cafe: How might XR more effectively mediate conflict?
Conflict is a normal part of life. In this Empathy Cafe, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and take tangible actions on; How might Extinction Rebellion more effectively mediate, facilitate and resolve internal (and external) conflict? The Empathy Circle process itself, is a very simple and foundational conflict resolution practice that anyone can use. We will learn and practice this skill.

March 27,  April 3, 10, etc (Friday): Empathy Circle Facilitators Online Support Group
Empathy Circle and Cafe design and facilitators support group. 

2020-04-04: Week 1: Principle # 1: We Have a Shared Vision of Change 
2020-04-11: Week 2: Principle # 2: We Set Our Mission on What Is Necessary
2020-04-18: Week 3: Principle # 3: We Need a Regenerative Culture
2020-04-25: Week 4: Principle # 4: We Openly Challenge Ourselves and Our Toxic System
2020-05-02: Week 5: Principle # 5: We Value Reflecting ad Learning
2020-05-09: Week 6: Principle # 6: We Welcome Everyone and Every Part of Everyone
2020-05-16: Week 7: Principle # 7: We Actively Mitigate for Power
2020-05-23: Week 8: Principle # 8: We Avoid Blaming and Shaming 
2020-05-30: Week 9: Principle # 9: We Are a Non-violent Network
2020-06-06: Week 10: Principle # 10: We Are Based on Autonomy and Decentralisation

More Empathy Cafes are on the way.
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