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2019-06-22 G. Warming

Empathy Cafe: Bridging Political Divides with Empathy Circles
Free: Everyone is invited, open to all.  
Date:  6-22   (See time converter for your time zone)
Signup at Facebook Event:  Sign up on Facebook Event or just show up. 
Cafe Facilitator  Bill and Karolina

TOPIC: What are your thoughts and feelings about global warming?
Join us for the next several weeks as we discuss global warming;
  • * Is it real or fake?
  • * Is it caused by humans or other reasons?
  • * Are we headed for wild weather, floods, famine, catastrophe and extinction?
  • * What are you going to do about it?
  • * Is it a Leftist plot to take over the world?
  • * Is the Right sticking their heads in the sand?
We are working with Extinction Rebellion UK to bring Empathy Circles and Cafes as one of their practices for;
  • * Deep and Mutual Listening
  • * Active Listening Skill Building
  • * Peer to Peer Personal Support
  • * Team Building and Collaboration
  • * Democratic Dialogue and Regenerative Cultures
  • * Foundational skill for Non Violence.
  • * Conflict Mediation
  • * etc.



Empathy Circle on Climate Change 

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