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4. Producer

Empathy Circle Producer Role
We will develop the role of Empathy Circle Producer here.

To organize and hold an Empathy Circle  takes a lot of organizing. To find participants, find facilitators, schedule, set up the space, record that calls, post and promote the circle, etc, etc.  This can be done by an Empathy Circle Producer.  

Types of Empathy Circles we organize are
  • *Within* the right 
  • *Within* the left.
  • Between the left and right

Empathy Circles Between the Left and Right
Add material here on how to Produce an Empathy Between the Left and Right.

Empathy Circles *Within* the Left
Add material here on how to Produce an Empathy *Within*  the Left 

Empathy Circles *Within* the Right 
Add material here on how to Produce an Empathy *Within*    Right.