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2018-12-15: Concerns

Topic:  What are feelings of concern, anxiety or fear you have about the current political situation?


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Feedback of Benefits of the Empathy Circle

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 It was a great experience and one of the best thing that I actually learned is identity politics and how we need to be inclusive of all including the white population, the white citizens. We can not tend to just focus on minorities, we have to be inclusive of all if we want to create a true genuine culture of empathy for all. 

Loved the experience. It certainly broadened my perspective and understanding in creating an all inclusive society. There were times where I saw how my opinions were biased and as I accepted them, I felt my heart opened up to embrace the diversity and uniqueness we all bring to the table. Empathy circle really works. Thank you Edwin for organizing it!!

JJ Brit  
I learned that people who are different than me still have great intentions and everyone really just wants the best for everybody. We just have different ways of doing it. 

 I have to say... I really enjoyed that. So much to think about. Everyone was fantastic!!!!
Thanks for being patient!!

Art Burns     
I always love these Empathy Circles because they way it opens up communication. I just want to say that I really really value having someone who has completely different views from me. And today that would be you JJ, and I really appreciate you being here because this is were it really starts to make things happen. When we can really understand someone who completely has a different point of view. Like JJ said, understand there more similarity then differences.
Edwin Rutsch

Lewis Brown Griggs     

Evan Magor     

Todd Porter     

Jessica Vogt     

Edwin Rutsch
Grateful for everyone participation in the empathy circle today. As mentioned I hope that by replicating these empathy circles, having them go viral we can change society by building a culture of empathy where everyone is heard.

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