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2018-12-06: Why Identify*

Topic:  Why do you identify as Republican, Democrat, liberal, moderate,  conservative, libertarian, progressive, Green, empathic, etc?

Facebook Event Poll: EMPATHY CIRCLE: 2018-12-06

Left Right Bridging Divides Empathy Circle: On Political Identity
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Benefits of the Empathy Circle

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"I want to say thank you, I found this to be extremely productive, inclusive and wonderful. I really really enjoyed this and want to be part of as many of these as I can."  Art Burns

"This is always cool. this is my third or fourth one of these.. It's a good tool in the tool belt. I don't think it can cure everything but it's an effective tool from what I have seen so far." David Carson

"I appreciate your honesty, and I think that something that is important in this process is for people to be honest and not pretend like we don't have disagreements or  we are seeing things differently. It's important that we say so  and I think, this container, of the Empathy Circle is strong enough to hold  people really disagreeing with each other. " Lou Zweier