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2018-10-12: Bridge Divides

Topic: How Might We Bridge the Political Divides?

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Hosted by: Empathy Tent 
building a culture of empathy
As part of the Empathy Tent and National Week of Conversations Project we hold a Democracy Circle (Empathy Circle) on How might we bridge the Political Divides in the USA? We invite participants from all points on the political spectrum to take part. 

For National Week of Conversation Project
Mending the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. Americans of all stripes are stepping up to address the growing cultural crisis of hyper-polarization and animosity across divides. Together we can turn the tide of rising rancor and deepening division with widespread conversations.

Date: Friday, October 12
Time:  10 am to 12 pm PST  (1.5 hours)
Location: Zoom Meeting Room URL:  

Click on the link to enter the Zoom video conferencing room.

The first time you use Zoom you may need to install a small app. You can test zoom here.

The circle will be recorded and posted to social media (Youtube and Facebook)


  1. Read: How-To Host an Empathy Circle: These are basic instructions for holding an empathy circle

  2. Download and Print: PDF Version: Empathy Circle: How-To Do Empathic Listening V 2.0  

  3. This material will be reviewed again at the meeting.


Facilitator: Edwin Rutsch

Co-Facilitator: Jessica Vogt

Left: (Progressive/Liberal

1.  Cliff Anderson

2. Lisa Swallow

Right: (Conservative/Libertarian)

1. David Carson

2. Jay Austin Graham   

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